Don’t Want To Go Back To Work After Having A Baby?

When my first son was born four years ago, I relished the new lifestyle and perspectives that spending quality time with him gave me.  I really enjoyed taking him to all the different baby classes and meeting lots of other new mums. This provided me with a whole new circle of friends, all of whom were going through the sharp learning curve that is motherhood at the same time.  We celebrated the good times and supported each other through the difficult phases.

don't want to go back to work after having a babyI absolutely loved watching him grow and develop into his cheeky, spirited and bubbly little personality.  When the time came for me to go back to work I found it really difficult to fit back in.  Unfortunately I felt that I had no choice, as financially we needed my income, (as well as my husbands) to be able to pay the bills.  All of my Mum friends felt similarly, we needed (and wanted) to contribute to the household income and to keep our minds active. However, we didn’t want to be away from our children for most of the week and miss seeing them grow up.  It is only afterwards that you realise how very quickly the time passes when they are small and need you the most.

When my second son came along eight months ago, I knew that I did not want to face the same gut-wrenching feeling at having to leave him and go back to work.  It wasn’t about trying to find a different job or different hours, I wanted to be in control of my time and have the ability to make a decent income from home.

My home business allows me to work around the needs of my children and be able to plan for an exciting future.  It is absolutely the best business opportunity out there for professional, ambitious and motivated parents looking for an alternative to going back to work.

Don’t Want To Go Back To Work After Having A Baby? No Problem!

If you can relate to my story and would like to know more about what I do, then please contact me using the link below.  I look forward to connecting with you.

don't want to go back to work after having a babydon't want to go back to work after having a baby

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