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Network Marketing Is Not Perfect It Is Just Better!

In this post I am going to be exploring the reasons why “network marketing is not perfect it is just better“. These are the famous words spoken regularly by one of the worlds most successful network marketing entrepreneurs Eric Worre.

Due to his success and experiences, Eric is one of the most knowledgeable and respected coach and mentor for the network marketing industry as a whole. People travel from all over the world to attend his trainings.

He recently wrote a best selling book called Go Pro. This book has sold millions of copies worldwide and I strongly recommend that you read as it is phenomenal.

The book spends some time looking at and explaining the exact reasons why network marketing is better when compared to any other type of work. network marketing is not perfect it is just betterHe discusses how there are only 2 types of people in the corporate world – “achievers” and “hiders.”

He explains how hostile and unsafe the corporate world is today as we move towards a completely performance managed economy.

Most people would agree that politics in the workplace is the one main thing that makes many people unhappy with their work.

The reality is however, that “achievers” need to be very good at politics and this becomes even more true the higher up the corporate ladder you decide to climb.

As an achiever you also become a threat for different reasons to the person above and below you in the hierarchy. Achievers at any level will general feel some pressure. You easily become a target once you declare your aspirations to become an achiever.

As an achiever, if you meet your objectives and do a good job, the goal posts quickly get moved so that next year you have to achieve even more just to maintain the same level of pay! Absolutely crazy!

The other problems with corporate world jobs is that the more you perform, the more you are expected to perform each and every year! Trouble is – no matter how much you perform, your income has a ceiling within that particular job role.

Is it any wonder that people are constantly getting frustrated, demoralised and disillusioned within the workplace?!

Network Marketing Is Not Perfect It Is Just Better Than A Job!

The alternative and probably best option to allow you to eventually break out of the constraints of the corporate world model is to take a look at network marketing.

The network marketing culture is the exact opposite of the culture in the corporate world. network marketing is not perfect it is just betterThere is no politics in network marketing. People in the network marketing industry are always willing to offer help, support and guidance to you and want nothing back in return.

Network marketing companies actually want to see you become successful, they want to earn as much as you want to earn with absolutely no limits.

There are generally no income ceilings in network marketing. I’m sure now you can see why Eric Worre coined the phrase “network marketing is not perfect it is just better!”

The beauty of network marketing is that you can work part time outside of your full time corporate job whilst learning and building your own network marketing business.

We all have a lot of spare time each week outside of any full time job that we may have. It is what we do with those spare hours that could make the difference between creating your financial freedom on the one hand or tolerating mediocrity and struggling on the other hand. We all have a choice.

We don’t have to tolerate the 45+ year plan and retire in poverty on a fraction of what we were earning in our corporate jobs. Pensions are diminishing every year. Pensionable age is increasing every year as average life expectancy grows. Network marketing can provide total freedom

I encourage you to take a look at Eric Worre’s book – Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. It is widely regarded as being one of the best network marketing books in the world. You can download a copy directly from Amazon below.

Having been in network marketing now for over 10 years, I certainly agree with Eric that network marketing is not perfect it is just better!

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I hope you can now start to see why Eric Worre’s catchphrase is “network marketing is not perfect it is just better” – it makes so much sense if you are entrepreneurial and are looking to create true financial and time freedom in your life and that of your family.

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