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Network Marketing Is The Accelerated Game Of Life

Running a network marketing business is not difficult but you need to understand the industry you are in and this requires a continual process of self development to become a leader that others will want to join.

As a species, human beings are highly developed and have the unique power of independent thought.  How sad it is that 95% of the population choose to follow the alternative consensus thinking plan making them feel continually undervalued, underpaid and oppressed in the work place.

We generally eat 3 meals per day as this is what we need to nourish our physical bodies, but how much time do we spend enhancing our minds?

Network marketing is all about new possibilities and believing that if we are prepared to put the hard work in, then we can achieve our goals whatever they may be.

Network marketing as a vehicle gives us the opportunity to leverage both time and money.  You have the potential to achieve far more financial abundance and time freedom in your life working 1-6 months in network marketing, than you ever would do working by working 1-6 years in a conventional job!

Are We Really All Network Marketers?

If you think about it – we have all been in network marketing all of our lives.  When ever we have seen a good film or ate at a great restaurant we have naturally people about it and recommended to them.

Every time we recommend that good film or that great restaurant we are effectively helping to build other peoples businesses for them by our word of mouth and we never even get a “thank you” for it!!  Well – in network marketing we get paid for doing exactly that, we simply recommend something that we passionately believe in.

As there are a lot of different network marketing businesses out there – you need to make sure that you are involved with a company and a product that really excites you.

If you are naturally excited about what you do then when you recommend something to someone else you are automatically seen in an attractive light by the other person and your enthusiasm will become infectious!

This is when your business will really take off and you will not be able to stop it!!

Network Marketing LeverageNetwork marketing is about investment of our time for the advantage of financial and time freedom in the future.

A farmer who sows his seeds understands that he will not be paid for his efforts today.  By comparison, a successful network marketer also understands that a great deal of time and effort is required especially in the early days to self-educate and nourish a burgeoning business for continued future success.

Network marketing is not about short term gratification.  When network marketing is done correctly it naturally teaches us the difference between exchanging an hour of our time for money (like 95% of the working population do) and the concept of time leverage that can ultimately create true wealth and abundance.

The downside of working only a conventional job, is that you inevitably run out of time because when you stop working, you pretty much stop earning!

This is why 95% of the working population get to retirement age and then look back with regret and are completely disillusioned by the massive lack of savings they have to supposedly enjoy their retirement with.

This is an example of consensus thinking at its best and unfortunately it typically leads to a lifestyle of compromise and utter mediocrity.

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