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Incredible Network Marketing Shocking Secrets

In this post I am going to talk about the network marketing shocking secrets that I believe people need to know about. I have taken much of the content of this network marketing shocking secrets post from a powerful live presentation that was delivered by my great friend and mentor Mark Prosser.

People sometimes join network marketing thinking it is a job. Trouble is, it’s not a job! You don’t get paid X per hour like in a traditional job!

If you have zero income this week and if you are desperate to feed your family and pay your bills – you are not likely to earn enough in network marketing from day 1. That is an absolute fact.

If you are looking to bring someone into network marketing to feed your family and pay your bills, then you are coming at this from a level of desperation and this will massively undermine your professionalism and your posture.

We all need to ideally have another source of income when we come into network marketing. We are unlikely to feed our families and pay our bills on our first few months income from a network marketing business and I would not expect anyone else to try to do so.

Network Marketing Shocking Secrets – Peoples Perceptions

Peoples perception of their self worth in the market is typically very low. Unfortunately, people naturally attribute little value to themselves.

This negative programming allows many people to go out into a world of opportunity only asking or looking for an employer who will pay an average wage to them of say 25-30k per year but they assume they could not possibly be worth 100k per year! 25-30k per year is probably the sum total of their expectations from a lifetime of study!

network marketing shocking secretsWe have probably all invested between 16-20 years into our education. And for what? Just to allow societies negative programming influence and consensus thinking to pull us down and to quash our natural aspirations to be the best we can be and earn what we are truly worth.

The problem with only having a traditional job (trading your time for money) is that as your wages grow slightly – you start to acquire the millstones around your neck – when you build the millstones round your neck you become a bit like a drug addict – you need the next fix – because if you’ve suddenly got rent to pay, a mortgage to pay, HP on a car to pay – now you’re stuck, because if those wages are not coming in, you will lose the car or the house!

You have now become totally dependent on your employer, you have lost your freedom, you’ve sacrificed your freedom out of desperation to protect your income!

network marketing shocking secretsThis is probably not a massive issue in your 20’s and 30’s perhaps, but when you reach your 40’s and you have got a bigger house, a posher car etc and your job is paying say 50k per year – you are now scared stiff! You are scared because if you lose that income your life becomes decimated.

If you are new to network marketing, you need to understand that when you are talking to people about network marketing – 95% of people will assume that the traditional job route or plan is the only route to income for life.

Now – it is a great plan provided you understand why you are doing it. It’s a great plan to learn basic economics. It’s a great plan to learn some new skills. It’s a great plan to learn how to interface with other human beings and build relationships.

You can even learn a little bit about commerce. But if that plan/route alone becomes the sum total of your ambitions, then what a shame that is.

Network Marketing Shocking Secrets – Video

As humans, we are given the unique ability to be able to achieve almost anything that we desire. Trouble is – if a lifetime of negative programming has enslaved you into thinking that the traditional 45+ year plan in the corporate world is your only option, then you have clearly forgotten about this innate ability.

You just haven’t used this inbuilt natural ability to think for yourself and allowed yourself to be truly open minded. Unfortunately, this closed mindset will potentially keep you working until you think you can afford to retire – which will probably be well into your 70’s!

network marketing shocking secretsIn the UK, the chancellor recently mentioned in the autumn statement that for a child born today – their pension will probably start when they are 77!

When the UK pension system was first brought in – it was designed to come to fruition for men when they reached 65 because the average life expectancy for men in those days was 67.

This means pensions were only being paid out on average for less than 2 years! However – we are now living longer!

So now – they have moved the pensionable age to a predicted 77 because the average life expectancy for a male is now 79! Do we really want our children to be working in a traditional job when they are well into their 70’s?

I certainly don’t, I want my children to fully understand this stuff so that they can make a decision to set themselves up for a life of freedom and abundance which for example, network marketing can offer them.

If we aspire to have financial and time freedom, we are going to have to learn to break out of the consensus thinking that has kept us over worked and underpaid in the traditional job environment.

Otherwise the majority of people after a lifetime of work are going to be doing what Jim Rohn says they are going to be doing. They are going to have to learn to get very good at “begging in the autumn!”.

The average pension at the back end of a long working life are going to be absolutely pathetic and you can’t really live on it. You might be able to survive on it – but you certainly cannot live on it. You are typically not going to get to pensionable age and say that you are going to be able to afford to travel the world and fulfil your dreams!

network marketing shocking secretsThis is the way it has always been done and unfortunately due to generations of negative programming and accepting consensus thinking without challenging it – 95% of us are facing this reality unless we choose to do something about it!

Knowing what you now know – if I was here to present to you today this 45+ year traditional plan of employment as you can see from the illustration in the video above, how many of you would choose to actually want to be a part of it for the whole of your working lives??!!

Not many I would think! I certainly wouldn’t – people are unfortunately locked into consensus thinking and it leads to a life of struggle and mediocrity – people are constantly living with toleration.

People are not driving the car they want to drive – they are tolerating the one they can afford. People are not going on the holiday they want to go on – they are tolerating the one they can afford!!

I hope all of this is perhaps helping you to break out of the consensus thinking that we have become enslaved to and changing your paradigms and getting you to think differently about your options for being able to achieve financial and time freedom for you and your family.

network marketing shocking secretsIsn’t it time we stand up and be honest and say I’m sick and fed up of being sick and fed up – I’m going to stand up and be counted and do something proactive about it?

This is why I have a lot of respect for people who are already network marketing professionals, because most of them understand this stuff and are striving towards a better plan where they can truly earn what they are worth.

They can create ongoing increasing residual income for work done once and no one will be holding them back. Creating residual income is one of the most rewarding, powerful and liberating aspects of network marketing.

Ongoing royalties are earned for authors who write a book, or singers who write a song. The average person cannot normally tap into this leveraged way of earning for work done once! But – it network marketing YOU CAN!

We are the ones who can spread this message to help others. As network marketing professionals, we have made the decision to stand up and be counted and we have the ability to change peoples minds and break them out of their consensus thinking that they have been locked into for so long.

More month than money? Sound familiar? When we work for someone else – it is always the someone else that gets rich. Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom!

Network Marketing Shocking Secrets – Your True Wealth Is Your Time & Freedom

This is about freedom and revolution – we need to learn what the 5% (the wealthy) do and stop following what the 95% of people are doing. 5% of the population create 95% of the wealth! By contrast, 95% of the population create 5 % of the wealth! Take a look here at one more network marketing shocking secrets where we explain why you need to understand Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant.

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I hope you have found these network marketing shocking secrets useful to you, even if you are in network marketing already or are deciding to to become a network marketing professional.

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