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Learn The 1 Vital Skill Of NGC Coin Identification

In this post we will talk about NGC coin identification. If you are a serious coin collector who is particular interested in collecting rare silver or gold coins that are government minted and certified and museum quality, then the chances are you will have heard about a coin grading company called NGC.

There are only a few main coin grading companies in the world. The main 3 are NGC, PCGS and ANACS. NGC is most widely recognized for their consistent, accurate grading of coins.

NGC who are based in Sarasota in Florida have also graded more coins than any other grading company in the world. NGC is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association.

Since 1995, NGC has been the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and is the only grading service in the world to ever to hold that prestigious distinction.

ngc coin identificationNGC is the official grading service of The Professional Numismatists Guild. The PNG is an organization which includes some of the worlds best experts in rare coins.

This PNG endorsement is evident on the hologram label of all coins that are graded by NGC. Coins that are graded by NGC are guaranteed to be authentic.

Coins that are graded and certified by NGC are encapsulated into a specially designed inert clear plastic slab and are sonically sealed to ensure the coin remains secure and protected.

NCG coin slabs have been proven to be an excellent barrier from moisture and other harmful gases. NGC coins contain a hologram as a security measure.

Each NGC graded coin also contains a bar code and a unique coin identification number. This bar code and unique identification number makes referencing and cataloging extremely easy and efficient.

NGC Coin Identification

ngc coin identification

As you can see from the image above – I have visited the NGC website and have simply input the NGC coin identification number from my rare 2014 Gilt Palau Horse coin into the NGC search box. As soon as I click the verify button it immediately brings up full details and references about the coin. It tells me that this particular coin is extremely rare! There were only 198 of these coins graded at MS70 in the world!!

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Now that you know how simple and useful the NGC coin identification process is, you will be able to monitor your coin collection as it grows.

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