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Fastest Way To See The Price Of Silver Per Ounce

In this post we are going to talk about the price of silver per ounce. We discussed in a recent post about how financial education really is the key to income and wealth.

With this in mind, we thought it was important for people to realise the importance of becoming financially educated when it comes to precious metals such as silver and gold.

The price of silver per ounce will fluctuate every single day as you can see from the live chart below which shows the price of silver today.

The chart shows what is called the spot price of silver per ounce. Silver is often bought by investors or collectors in either bullion ungraded form (coins or bars) or in numismatic form (collectible graded).

Silver bullion coins are typically priced according to the spot price of silver per ounce. Numismatic coins on the other hand are certified and graded coins which are priced according to their condition and rarity.

This is partly why a 1 ounce silver numismatic coin can be worth so much more than a 1 ounce silver bullion coin.

Live Silver Price Chart

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We have also talked in other posts about how it makes good financial and common sense to convert some of our paper money (currency – which is losing its value) into precious metals such as silver.

Silver has intrinsic value, it is an appreciable asset. Ultimately, silver is real money. Silver is a store of value and maintains its purchasing power over a long period of time. It always has done.

Unfortunately, however, many people still do not seem to understand or show an interest in their own financial self education and so therefore do not know what the price of silver per ounce is for example.

To reinforce this point, we thought it would be interesting and amusing to show you the next 2 short video clips. Please take the time to watch them as they are only a few minutes each.

Price Of Silver Per Ounce – Does A $5 Note Sound Right?!

Price Of Silver Per Ounce – Does 99 Cents Sound Right?!

As successful entrepreneurs, we are passionate about helping to educate people on the importance of collecting precious metals and to understand simple details such as what the price of silver per ounce actually is. The trouble is – we are not taught any of this financial education in schools, so it is up to us all to self educate and share the knowledge so that others can benefit.

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