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The following tools, products or services listed below are what I recommend if you are serious about creating a long lasting income online or a successful network marketing business.  In my opinion they are not optional, they are absolutely essential for success and I personally use them every day to enhance and promote my online businesses.  They are the fuel that keeps my income streams flowing smoothly!!

You cannot make money online without first spending some money.  You are just starting out, so you need to invest in your business and you need to invest in yourself by way of training.  Some training is free, some is not.  Don’t be fooled by people who say you can make long lasting money online without spending a penny – this is simply not true.

Step 1 – Purchase A Domain Name

You need to buy a domain name so that you can start to create your own online presence.  If you business is going to appeal to a worldwide audience then you should choose a .com domain name such as www.yourname.com.

Godaddy are one of the biggest companies for domain name registrations and their prices are often the most competitive.  Simply purchase your domain from Godaddy by clicking on the banner below.  Most .com domains are very inexpensive at around $10 for 1 year.


As an alternative to Godaddy we would personally recommend NameCheap.  We now use them for all of our domains for 2 main reason.  They are very good value and they offer free privacy protection on your domains registered address.  Privacy protection on a domain purchased via most other companies typically costs between $9.95 to $15 per domain.  With NameCheap, you get this privacy applied to your domain for free for the first year and then at a much lower rate for any subsequent years after that.  Just click on the NameCheap banner to go directly to the NameCheap website.

Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

Step 2 – Purchase Hosting For Your Domain

Every domain name needs to have hosting.  Your website needs to be hosted on a server in order for anyone on the internet to be able to see it!

Hostgator are one of the most popular hosting companies among internet marketers and we use them to host all of our domains.  They offer fantastic value, incredible reliability and world class customer service support via live chat, phone or email.

Simply choose the hosting plan that suits you by clicking on the banner below.  If you are only wanting to host 1 domain then choose the ‘Hatchling Plan’.  If you plan on hosting more than 1 domain then choose the ‘Baby Plan’.

Step 3 – Purchase A Premium Theme For Your WordPress Blog

Once you have got your hosting and your domain, you will need a quality looking theme for your website so that you blog looks attractive and professional.  There are many free theme available but most of them will not look the way you would like them to!  Treat yourself to a quality theme – it really can make all the difference.  The theme I use for all my websites now is OptimizePress and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Step 4 – Purchase An Autoresponder

You have probably heard people saying that “the money is in the list.”  Well – this is because this is partly true!  If you are serious about earning a long lasting income online then you need to start to build a list of subscribers as soon as you possibly can and for this purpose you absolutely must use a professional autoresponder.  Creating income online will involve marketing.  If you are marketing – you will need to have a way of collecting subscribers details and a way of automatically following up with them on auto-pilot.

This is why it is absolutely essential to have an autoresponder as your subscribers (over time) are potentially the most likely people to join your business or opportunity once you have established rapport and built a relationship with them based on trust.  Two of the worlds leading autoresponders are AWeber and GetResponse.  In my opinion and in the opinion of many other leading marketers, I believe that AWeber has the edge and is therefore the autoresponder that I personally use.  You can get AWeber autoresponder from just $1 for a 30 day trial by clicking here.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

The Following Resources Are Optional But We Do Use Them All:

My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro (MLSP for short) is a marketing system designed primarily to help network marketers promote and find leads for their MLM’s much more effectively than alternative methods.  MLSP is essentially 3 things.  It is a complete marketing system, an online training centre where members learn about attraction marketing and finally it is a community in itself.

Attraction Marketing System