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Avoiding The Pike Syndrome Can Totally Change Your Life!

In this post we are going to talk about the pike syndrome. Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not? Have you ever wondered why some people appear to be able to change their lives and live the lives they want and many others are just sat on the sidelines watching, complaining and wishing it could happen to them?

the pike syndromeThese types of people do not understand the fundamental principals that in order to change your life for the better and have a different outcome, you need to learn to embrace change, be open minded and undertake some serious personal development to enable you to develop a positive and proactive mindset which sees you living the life you want to lead.

Once these things are in place, you will be prepared to do anything in order to achieve your goals and barriers and obstacles will be overcome much more easily.

There is a really good relevant analogy here of what is famously known as “the pike syndrome.” Take a look at the pike syndrome 6 minute video below and see if you can identify the powerful messages it contains. If you have not seen this video before then you will be absolutely amazed!

The Pike Syndrome Video

What did you think to the video? Did you expect the video to end in that way? Were you surprised?

When the glass barrier/screen protecting the minnows from the pike was removed, did you expect the pike to just start immediately eating the minnows as it would have done had the glass screen not have been there for a little while?

However the pike did not eat any minnows when the glass screen was removed and ultimately it starved itself to death despite having abundant access to minnows that were swimming freely in the same fish tank.

The Pike Syndrome Explained

The 4 key features of how the pike behaved after the glass screen was removed is known as “the pike syndrome.”

  1. The pike did not recognise change – it made the assumption that nothing in its environment had altered.
  2. The pike was stuck in the past – letting its recent frustrating/negative experience dictate its belief system that it could not eat the minnows which led to its starvation.
  3. The pike gave up and did not try – it effectively lost the will to live – it lost its survival instinct.
  4. The pike missed opportunities – the pike did not see the opportunity to eat the minnows because it had failed in the past.

Do you know people who behave like the pike? Do you know people who frequently stare opportunity in the face and never do anything about it?!

Perhaps you know people who try something and give up too easily or who have a negative attitude towards trying something new or making a change?

These are all typical characteristics of what is known as the pike syndrome and these behavioural traits are to be avoided if you are looking to attract positivity and success into your life!

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Now that you know the types of behaviour to look out for in other people, you will hopefully understand how avoiding the pike syndrome can positively change your life for the better and start you on your journey towards the success you desire.

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