Todays Gold Rate?

In this post we are going to talk about todays gold rate. I am sure you will be aware that todays gold rate will fluctuate every single day as you can see from today’s gold price chart below which accurately shows todays gold rate. The chart shows what is known as the spot price for gold per ounce.

Gold is typically bought by investors or collectors and it is bought in either numismatic form (collectible graded) or in bullion ungraded form (bars or coins). Gold bullion bars or coins are usually priced according to the actual spot price of gold per ounce at the time of purchase. However, numismatic coins are graded and certified and are typically priced according to their condition and rarity in the market. This is why for example, a 1 ounce numismatic gold coin can be worth a lot more than a 1 ounce gold bullion bar or gold bullion coin.

In a recent post, we have already talked about how financial education really is the key to income and wealth. With that thought in mind, we thought it was important for people to realise the importance of becoming financially educated and understanding the importance of precious metals such as silver and gold. Knowing todays gold rate is just one example of keeping up to date with silver and gold trends.

Live Todays Gold Rate Chart

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Not Knowing What Todays Gold Rate Is Can Be Very Costly!

As successful entrepreneurs, my wife and I run a simple but unique home based business within the precious metals industry. We are passionate about helping to educate people about the importance of collecting precious metals. Unfortunately – education in school, universities and colleges does not teach us about financial education or precious metals. It is therefore up to us to self educate and share the knowledge so that others can benefit.

todays gold rateWe will have all felt the negative effects of global currency deflation. We are all aware that the paper money we have today is able to buy us less of anything than it used to last year and last decade. We are fast losing our purchasing power with paper money – that is obvious. Combine this with the fact that we are living in the worst economic situation the world has ever seen and you will quickly see why it makes so much sense to safeguard our wealth by collecting precious metals. Unlike paper money, precious metals always have intrinsic value and their purchasing power is assured! We all need to be making a habit of collecting some precious metals each month if we are to avoid our so called ‘paper money’ wealth being eroded!

Personally, we have taken charge of our financial future with the International Silver Network and we are so excited to be helping a lot of people from all over the world do exactly the same. We collect precious metals (in particular solid silver coins) every month, often for free and we also earn a passive residual income at the same time.

Making a simple decision to exchange some ‘paper money’ (which is fast losing its value) for solid silver assets every month is probably the most financially sound positive action that we can possibly take if we are interested in protecting our future wealth and growing our income. This is how true wealth can be created. By simply successfully sharing the benefits of joining the International Silver Network with others, you are quickly able to receive silver every month for FREE and you can also earn a passive residual income which can be as large as your actions will allow. Join us at the International Silver Network (ISN Coins) today by clicking here. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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todays gold ratetodays gold rate


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